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Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular weight-loss procedure that offers results similar to gastric bypass but with fewer risks. As a top-ranked weight-loss surgeon in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Allan MacIntyre has extensive experience in sleeve gastrectomy procedures, helping patients at Intyre Health achieve their weight-loss goals and enjoy better health.

Gastric Sleeve Q & A

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Also called sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve surgery is a type of bariatric surgery that alters the size of the stomach, removing about 80 percent of the stomach and leaving a slim, sleeve-shaped portion to serve as the new stomach. Because the remaining portion of the stomach is so much smaller, patients consume far fewer calories and feel fuller much faster, helping to eliminate hunger sensations that can trigger overeating.

How does gastric sleeve surgery compare to gastric bypass surgery?

Both surgeries have roughly the same success rates, but gastric sleeve surgery is a less complex procedure and typically poses fewer risks since it doesn't alter the small intestine. Patients also have fewer issues with nutrient absorption since food still passes through the entire small intestine where a majority of nutrients are processed.

How is gastric sleeve surgery performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is usually performed using robot assistance. In these procedures, a special surgical robot “instrument” is used to assist in portions of the surgery that require a high degree of precision.  During the surgery, the larger portion of the stomach is sectioned off, leaving the smaller sleeve portion attached at either end. Most procedures can be completed in about an hour.

What risks are associated with gastric sleeve procedures?

Sleeve gastrectomy may cause indigestion or nausea after eating due to the much smaller size of the stomach. These issues are common with most types of gastric surgery and can be minimized by following the nutrition plan provided by Intyre Health. As with other bariatric surgery procedures that make the stomach smaller, absorption of nutrients is decreased following surgery, and supplements will be necessary to ensure the body receives optimal levels of vitamins and minerals.

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